Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I be treated?

Between the ages of 10 and 65 – two to three times per week
Over the age of 65 – twice per week

Why can’t I be treated every day?

The healing benefits last for 48 hrs and overuse may result in over detoxification and bring about a healing crisis.

Why does the water colour change?

It changes due to the interaction of the toxins from the body along with the metals from the array when creating an ionic field within the waterbath. The water will change colour without feet or hands in it however there will usually be 2-3 times the cellular debris in the water when a person’s feet are in it (if the person’s body is reasonably healthy and able to detoxify).

Why does the water colour vary from person to person?

Different people have varying levels of toxins, acidity and even parasites that are released into the water. Depending on a persons state of health also depends on how well their body detoxifies.

What do different colours indicate?

Some practitioners correlate colour changes of the water with areas of the body that are detoxifying. However without testing (medically invasive biopsy) this is clinically and scientifically difficult to prove. While it is interesting to see what colour your water changes to it is important to know that there is a great deal happening which is invisible to the eye.


If you commit to a detoxification regime it is important to tune in and be gentle with yourself if you have any cleansing reactions happen. The body continues to cleanse for 48 hrs after a biocleanse session and it is important to hydrate with plenty of pure water and eat nourishing meals as well. Most people report feeling energized after an ionic detox but as toxins are being eliminated from your system you may experience headaches (especially if you drink alcohol or take drugs). You may also feel the need to rest and should respect your body’s needs as they arise. You may also wish to talk to your consultant and be reassured that it will pass.