Benefits and Contraindications

Ionic detoxing CAN be used:

-  On infants from 6 months old
-  If you have type 2 diabetes (highly beneficial as it pulls down excess blood sugars)
-  If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy-wait until afterwards

Conditions benefitted by Ionic Detoxing   Many users report:

-  Yeast/fungal infections disappear
-  Reduced inflammation
-  Elimination of acne
-  Reduced pain
-  Reduced stress (high stress hormones)
-  Relieved tension
-  Weight loss
-  Reduced blood sugar levels in type 2 Diabetes
-  Chelation of environmental toxins
-  Inactivated viral and bacterial infections

Users of Ionic Detox Therapy may find relief from or improvement
from conditions such as:

Acid Reflux and digestive disorders
Acne and blackheads
Adrenal exhaustion
Allergies, Sinusitus, Hayfever
Arthritis (Rheumatoid), Viral (mosquito), Bacterial (Lyme)
Aura – strengthens and restores
Back pain
Blood circulation
Body P.H level
Bursitis and tendonitis
Candida (candidiasis)
Canker sores
Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Colds, Influenza, Pneumonia
Concentration and memory
Cleanse Lymphatic system/swollen glands
Ear aches/ear infections
Energy, Vitality, Feeling of well being
Fluid retention
Herpes (Genital herpes and cold sores)
Heavy Metal detoxification
High blood sugars (particularly relevant to type 2 Diabetics)
Immune system support
Infections (Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic)
Joints (stiffness, aches and pains)
Jet Lag
Kidney Cleanse
Liver cleanse and Hepatitis
Lyme Disease
Menopausal symptoms
Menstrual cramps
Moles, warts and skin tags
Muscle injuries, Muscle cramping
Mood – elevates mentally
Parasite cleanse (people have actually seen them come out in the water)
Rosacea and vitilago
Skin fungal infections
Skin problems (including Eczema, Impetago, Psoriasis)
Stress (Pulls cortisol levels down)
Sports – type injuries involving swelling and bruising)
Staphyloccus (Staph infection)
Streptococcus (Strep throat infection)
Tooth ache
Weight control (improved metabolism)

Please note: Biocleanse does not diagnose or treat disease states but aims to cleanse, alkalize, oxygenate and improve cellular energy so that the Body/Mind may find its own healthy homeostatic balance once again.

When you shouldn’t have ionic detoxing:

persons fitted with a pacemaker or battery implant
-  if you have epilepsy or seizures
-  if you are pregnant or breast feeding
-  if you have hemophilia
-  if you have had an organ transplant
-  if you are on life saving drugs which depress the immune system it may
   interfere with the medication protocol.
-  if you are on heartbeat regulating medication
-  people with open wounds on their feet (use the hands instead)
- Type 1 diabetics – monitor your blood sugars before and afterwards