Cell Voltagecell

The cell membrane is like a permeable “skin” with tiny doors that receive nutrients and hormonal messages into itself and releases metabolic wastes out. In The Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton refers more to this membrane as the memBRAIN and insists this is where the brain of the cell lies because cells can survive without their nucleous but not without their membrane.

Scientists have now realized another important role of the cell is that it maintains a potential voltage difference between its internal structures and the intercellular fluid. There is an array of scientific devices that can now detect and measure the presence of electrical activity and instruments that can photograph the tiny magnetic fields i.e. the MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Eastern Doctors (namely acupuncturists and Chi masters) have been able to measure the life force and currants of energy within the body for thousands of years.

External toxin build up is when toxins begin to accumulate on the outside of the cell. One of the causes of this is when the membrane voltage is poor; the toxins can stick to the membrane. This deprives the cell of the natural flow of water into it and also restricts the exit of natural cellular waste. Toxins can also invade cells in times of low cell integrity and cause genetic alteration and is being increasingly implicated in many diseases including cancer.

Of  Interest
A medical team at Geneva’s University Hospital discovered that when under attack white blood cells can generate an electrical current that goes through cellular membranes to convert oxygen to superoxide, which is the body’s lethal weapon against invading bacteria and fungi.
Because the Biocleanse Unit increases the potential voltage in the cell membranes, its role doubles as a cellular detoxifier and protector against future toxins and pathogens. And because it substantially increases the body’s oxygen supply it decreases the ability of pathogens to take hold and anaerobic cells and organisms to multiply.