Counselling, Kinesiology & Essences

Holistic counseling offers an empathetic-based and safe space to explore your cares, concerns and issues. Holistic counseling gives the client the opportunity to be self-directed on their journey into exploring themselves. The counsellor is there to support, bring focus, clarity, new perspectives and encouragement to clients who wish to make changes in themselves or their lives. With support you can find the answers to many of your life-challenges. Through counselling, clients have been able to become self-determined, improve the quality of their lives and gain a greater sense of peace and balance when they were not able to do so, on their own.

“Honored emotions move from imbalance to understanding to resolution The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren


Lyme disease, CFS counselling

Lyme disease is not actually a disease it is an infection caused by a bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi and its co-infections Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma and Erlichia. It is principally contracted though an infected tick bite. There are 50 million people world wide with it and it is the worlds’ fastest growing epidemic. The first record of it in Australia was in the late 1950’s (treated in the early 1960’s). The Government however has been extremely slow to recognise its existence. (At the time of writing 2016, The Government is just on the verge of recognition). Therefore, there are many people who have had this debilitating infection for 10, 20, 30 even 40 years without knowing it. The symptoms are many and too varied to list here. There are also other debilitating tick illnesses, such as Rickettsia which is well recognized. It is said that a high proportion of people with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) actually have tick infection. CFS can also be caused by other infections – viral, Eptein Barr etc or trauma.
I have done extensive research on Lyme disease (called Borreliosis in Europe), as many of my friends have it and I have been counseling clients now since 2014.

I am passionate (and compassionate) towards these brave sufferers who often have little support (especially in rural areas). The beauty of my work is that I understand the complexities of the disease and have a wealth of practical knowledge. I also understand that it can often affect mental and emotional life with overwhelming feelings of fear/terror, despair, stress, feeling a victim of illness, depression, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, pushing too hard, mental overstimulation and physical fatigue.
Doctor Dietrich Klinghardt ( world renowned Lyme expert) states that “clearing the trauma history is essential in healing from Lyme disease”.

My work with counseling and essences is well placed to give tangible support on mental, emotional and practical levels. (Scenar Therapy and Restorative massage are also excellent.)
For optimum results, counseling sessions are once a month. A specific remedy is made to address your current issues, which lasts the month until your next appointment.

By working in this way you get to talk with someone who truly understands what you are going though (rather than having to educate your therapist). By using the essences you get a gentle yet powerful tool to clear, clear, clear the layers of emotion (that also get locked into biofilms). You also get a most beautiful, safe and supportive protocol, helping you to stay balanced and sane – happy even whilst you are on your journey. The process is a thorough cleansing, rebalancing and ultimately healing journey-like pressing the refresh button on your life.

Telephone counselling is also available to those outside of my area (Northern NSW, Australia).

NB. Herxing Remedy – The Herxiemer reaction can be a hugely emotional experience ranging from sheer terror to anger to suicidal feelings. It’s vital to feel supported during this intense time and again I have excellent results using the essences to support, rebalance and bring much-needed upliftment. As each persons experience is slightly different, the herxing remedy should be particular to you and handy when you need it.

Please read the testimonials of those who have taken this journey and how it has benefited them at the end of the Essences section.



Whilst the conscious mind makes up 5% of what is known to the client, 95% of the minds programming and conditioned responses emanate from the subconscious mind. Kinesiology easily taps into the subconscious reservoir and I use it when a client is:

• Unable to articulate what is going on for themselves
• As a safe way to go back (age regression) to a former time (useful for accessing patterns that started at pre-memory age –    womb to 4 years-but can be any age)
• Also extremely useful to put body issues “In circuit” and find the “Issues in the tissues”. i.e. Injuries, back or neck issues


The Essences – What are they?


The Essences are perfectly safe, natural and non-toxic liquid preparations, taken, not from the physical aspect of a plant but rather its essential energy or consciousness, which is exquisitely represented in its unique flower. Each plant holds subtle healing energy imparted by the flower during the making of the remedy. The vibration of each flower is different, hence the different qualities that they release when the remedy is taken. The essences are subtle yet extremely powerful allies in navigating the complexities of what it is to be human. They gently allow unwanted (and at times deeply distressing) mental and emotional states to simply melt away and return you to a state of peace, balance and equilibrium. Instead of “trying” to change a behavior or state of mind– when taking the remedy the state seems to simply dissolve. You are no longer triggered by the issue indeed you may even forget you had the issue at all! They act as a positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical bodies.


Issues I can help you with;

It is fair to say that an infinite number of ailments and mental/emotional states can be remedied. They include;

• STRESS: Work-related, relationship-related, financial.
Positive outcome – Ability to remain centered and focused even under stress or high levels of activity, communicating truthfully and directly, feeling a secure connectedness to physical existence and financial flow.

• FEAR: Of known causes such as spiders or heights, of unknown origins where the mind will think of worst case scenarios. Positive outcome – courage, bravery, composure, mind able to think of happy outcomes.

• TERROR – extreme fear, fright, hysteria, runaway fear
Positive outcome – heroic bravery, courage, selflessness, breathing deeply.

• ANXIETY – apprehension, agitation.
Positive outcome – calm, relaxed, open, responding, inner peace and free from turmoil.

• SHOCK – numbness, severe fright, withdrawal, - physical, emotional, mental. Positive outcome – calmness and clarity, re-integration, able to pick up the pieces and move on.

• ANGER – jealousy, hate, envy, distrust, suspicion, fault-finding, argumentative, explosive, aggressive, rage.
Positive outcome – loving, happy, tolerant and giving, able to communicate calmly, understanding of what the real problem is beneath the anger.

• RESENTMANT – bitterness, self-pitying, smoldering, blame others.
Positive outcome – optimism, understanding and recognition of own responsibilities, selfless with renewed interest in life.

• WORRY -  anticipatory worry, over concern for self or others
Positive outcome – positive thoughts, trust, faith, learning to put self first if you over care for others and learning to put self interest aside if your concern is too much for self.

• DEPRESSION – the blues, the blahs, hopelessness, despair, gloom, misery, melancholy, desolation, the void – feels absolutely alone, emptiness, deep introversion, extreme anguish, suicidal. 
 Positive outcome – Joy and peace, hope and faith, strength, resourcefulness, gives fight, lifts the soul, emotionally buoyant, purpose to life, optimism.

• FATIGUE/BURNOUT - weariness in mind or body, tiredness, exhaustion after long term stress or suffering, drained, weak, tired way down deep inside, collapse.
 Positive outcome – energizes mentally and physically, perkiness, belief in own ability and strength, become vital and strong, energetically buoyant.

• INDECISION - uncertain, hesitant, procrastinates, changeable, erratic, can’t make up mind – either between two options seeming to be opposite or between  many options as in career options.
Positive outcome – poised, balanced, quick to take action, confidant and self-assured, clear-headed and self reliant in decision making, decisive of direction to take.

• LONLINESS – isolation, alienation, not sure where you belong, feeling displaced (indigenous peoples, refugees, moving to a different city or country, getting older,) losing friends or family, loners, sometimes fearful of mixing and circulating with others, feeling alone.
Positive outcome – sense of belonging, ability to reach out, feeling relaxed and at ease mixing with others, feeling connected, feeling like interacting socially, deep connectedness to where you live and ability to put down roots, feeling at peace with your aloneness, feeling connected to source and the universe.

• CONFIDANCE – LACK OF – doubts own ability, distrusts self to be intuitive feels inferior, lacks the ability to “give it a go”, anticipation and fear of failure.
Positive outcome – feeling confidant, tries new things, trust in self, steadfastness, willing to try and not be discouraged, determined and persevering, know that if they fail it wasn’t because they didn’t try.

• SELF WORTH/SELF ESTEEM – feels unworthy ( a human epidemic), blames self, overly  conscientious, undermined by negative self concept, feels undeserving of love, unsure of taking responsibility, feels not good enough (NB this may be in one or more areas of life).
Positive outcome – realisation of self worth, feels genuinely good about self, feels deserving, self assurance.

• IMPATIENT – independent, hasty and quick both mentally and physically, irritable, impetuous, frustrated by those who are slower, creates tension and uptightness.
Positive outcome – Understanding and tolerance of others, sympathy and gentleness,calm, capable, decisive, clever, intuitive.

• OVERWHELM – too much to cope with, unable to cope, doesn’t know where to start, stressed and frayed due to overstimulation, not digesting life or emotions, sensory congestion, a large situation to deal with, big work load coming up.
Positive outcome – confident, can take on great responsibility and feel self- assured and capable, able to process emotionally and physically.

• GRIEF AND LOSS – sadness, sorrow, raw emotions, grief, pinning, the heart “bleeding” from loss of love.
Positive outcome – allows for healthy grieving – to feel the grief, express it and return to a centered place of strength, calmness and equanimity, ability to remember your loved one with happiness, eases and restores the heart.

• SLEEP ISSUES – restless, high-wired, mental thoughts go around and around, too stimulated to sleep.
Positive outcome – ability to relax and leave mental thoughts behind, feeling safe to drift into the unconscious.

• DOMINATING – inflexible demanding, tyrannical, very competitive and ambitious, short-tempered, lacks humility, bossy, greedy for power.
Positive outcome – sympathy, a wise and sympathetic leader/teacher who lovingly guides and inspires others with their strength and certainty.

• LIVING IN THE FUTURE OR THE PAST – living with your head in the clouds and not grounding your dreams into reality or living in the past and holding onto the past and not creating something equal to or better.
Positive outcome – ability to be much more in the present and to face reality.

• ADDICTIONS – smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, alcohol, narcotics ( as part of your support regime), sugar, adrenaline “junkies”, “thriving on stress”, workaholics, overeating.
Positive outcome – many remedies to address the emotional and experiential reasons for dependency and dulling the consciousness. Addresses and releases  core issues that led to the addiction. The need simply falls away as inner strength  and all the issues that led to the behavior are addressed and bought into balance. Promotes emotional maturity, self-awareness and self responsibility.

• MOTHER ISSUES – having an incomplete and less than nurturing experience of being mothered, abuse, neglect, abandonment, having taken on the mothers stress or negative emotions in the womb or early infancy.
Positive outcome – a feeling of wholeness and completeness, acceptance and renewed strength, releasing negative charges, feeling empowered, able to speak   your truth and be heard, nurturing and nourishing yourself, healing your  woundedness so that it feels like water off a ducks back, able to be lighter about the issue.

• FATHER ISSUES – having an emotionally or physically remote or distant father, having experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment from your father, feeling  unaccepted or not approved of, loss of child-like innocence due to poor relationship, lack of support, deprived of a basic sense of security and protection in childhood.
Positive outcome – getting in touch with your child-like innocence and trust, feeling safe and at home in the world, at ease with ones self, feeling the sources of love and support in your life, being able to speak your truth, becoming  emotionally mature,

• INTIMACY AND SEXUALITY – inability to accept your sexual nature, feelings of shame or guilt, uncleanliness, aversion to your instinctual nature, closed or feeling uncomfortable with sex, having experienced sexual trauma, violation or any debasing experiences, cut off from experiencing true intimacy and the warmth of deep connection.
Positive outcome – sexual and physical enjoyment, gentleness and openness, ability to experience sexual pleasure, deep emotional connection, commitment and opening into true intimacy.

• CREATIVITY – creative blocks.
Positive outcome – inspired creativity, creative expression, focus, in the flow. • DISSOCIATION/SPLITS – a sense that the self is outside the physical body, often due to traumatic experiences or miserable experiences whilst in the body. There can be splits between the head and body, the inner and external persona, the intuitive and logical, etc
Positive outcome – reintegration of the psyche with the body, feeling of safety, feeling of being home in the body, grounded, focused, living in the present, SOUL RETRIEVAL – can take some consistent and dedicated time but the results are well worth it.

• BODY IMAGE/ATRACTIVENESS/AGEING – felling awkward (teenagers) about the physical body, shame, unattractive, or obsessed about your looks. Stressed or fearful about ageing.
Positive outcome – Grace and physical confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin, radiant inner beauty, self acceptance, feeling your worth, accepting change.

• POST TRAUMATIC STRESS – Happens to some people as a result of experiencing a traumatic event which threatened their life or safety or that of others around them. This may be a serious accident, emergency medical procedure, physical or sexual assault, war or torture, natural disasters such as a bushfire or flood or any situation where your life is severely threatened. Witnesses to trauma may also develop it i.e ambulance and rescue and emergency workers. The body’s fight/flight/fright/ mechanism gets turned to high alert and is not able to self regulate back to a safe and relaxed state anymore. The mind tends to replay the event over and over allowing no peace to transpire.  Uncontrollable thoughts can be of ones own or others death.
Using the Essences is a gentle yet powerful tool to unwind the neuronal pathways that get set up in the disorder. They help to release the anxiety and the many types of fear associated. They also soften the fight/flight response and the adrenaline production, bring thinking from the past more into the present and soften the trauma memory. Depression may also be remedied. Use on their own or in conjunction with seeing a trauma psychologist.

• PHYSICAL CONDITIONS –  mental and emotional functioning is entwined with the physical and often the physiological. The physical body can be a barometer of mental and emotional states if you pay close enough attention to your internal world.  
I use kinesiology to find the mental/emotional state held as memory in the tissues of for instance an injury or back or neck issue. Addressing the energy pattern sitting behind the physical issue can often result in a faster and more complete resolution.
Doctor Bach said “let not the simplicity of this healing art deter you”. How simple and yet how very beautiful that these remedies restore us to states of peace, strength, equilibrium, confidence, courage, clarity, vitality, joy and happiness.

“The tendency to ignore our emotions is old-think, a remnant of the still reigning paradigm that keeps us focused on the material level of health-the physicality of it. The emotions are the key element in self-care because they allow us to enter into the body-minds conversation. By getting in touch with our emotions, both by listening and directing them through the psychosomatic network, we gain access to the healing wisdom that is everyone’s birthright.”
                                                  The Language of emotions by Karla McLaren

DISCLAIMER – Counseling and essences may not work for everyone

History of flower essences  

Indigenous peoples from around the world have used flowers for thousands of years. Australian Aborigines, Egyptians and African tribes have all used flowers to restore emotional balance.
In the 15th century Paracelsus wrote in scriptures how he collected dew from flowering plants and diluted them to treat emotional imbalances.

In the 1930’s Doctor Edward Bach (physician, bacteriologist, herbalist and homeopath) left his successful Harley street practice to wander the English country side and develop the now famous Bach flower remedies. Being influenced by homeopathy he went in search of a completely new form of healing that would “treat the person, their fears, worries and concerns rather than the disease. For years he had astutely observed his patients and paid particular attention to their character types, their traits, their emotional states and their attitudes to life. During his years finding the remedies he would go into extreme states of angst and be led by his intuition to the flowering plant which would then relieve him of his suffering. He observed in himself all the aspects of the imbalance – its emotion, thoughts, attitudes and how it affected the physical body and noticed the influence of the remedy upon dosing himself and how it would restore him “back to normal”. He spent years developing his 38 remedies and treating his patients’ mood to affect their health. He believed that in order to truly heal we should “take no notice of the disease and only of the persons’ frame of mind. To affect a cure – remove the negative disturbances and help the mind retain peace and happiness”. And that “Man can actually change his physical condition by changing his mental attitude; this is observable for instance in someone suffering with anxiety – when they are freed from the concern – all tension disappears from the face and body and they are able to sleep and eat again”. It is also interesting the phenomenon of schizophrenics whose differing personalities have differing health complaints.  For the last 6 years of his life Dr Bach treated all of his patients with this new form of healing – disregarding the physical ailments and treating solely their mental/emotional states. He had a 99% success rate.

“My feeling is that there is no scientific reason to leave spirituality out of medicine. It’s a habit that our culture has gotten into ever since the 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes declared body and soul to be distinct separate entities, entirely unrelated to each other. But the truth that I have learned through my own late 20th century science is that the soul, mind and emotions do play an important role in health. And what we need is a larger biomedical science to reintegrate what was taken out 300 years ago!
Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert


How are the essences taken?


First we talk about your current concerns and use kinesiology if it is relevant. I then choose the appropriate essences, which will help to clear your distress, balance your body-mind and support you through your experience. If your situation is relatively simple, then one or two counseling sessions may be enough for you. However if the issue has a firm grip upon your psyche then it may take several months on the same remedy to facilitate a shift. A shift occurs when you are simply not feeling i.e (the grief) anymore. This work is likened to “pealing away the layers of an onion”, however I prefer to see it as watching the unfolding of a beautiful flower – the flowering of your soul through your personality.


transformationalTransformational Therapy

With regular (monthly) sessions you get to peel first the outer conscious layers, then deeper layers, to core wound layers to issues and restrictions you may have experienced for a great deal of your life. This work enables you to make the changes you may never have thought possible – of patterns so ingrained you thought you would live your whole life like that. How easily and effortlessly the essences peel away the dross and conditioning of modern life –  that which holds you back from your true potential and restores you to your authentic expression of health and happiness, living the productive life that you love. It is transformational and beautiful to experience.

And all it takes is a little mindfulness to notice the subtle changes in your perceptions, your feeling states, moods and behaviors. AND to remember to take the drops every day! 


childrenFrom the womb to old age

The essences make wonderful, natural and safe remedies for children and all the stages of development throughout life. Life starts in the womb where the foetus absorbs not only physical nourishment but emotional states including stressful situations the mother experiences. Taking essences during pregnancy is perfectly safe and very supportive to alleviate stress, fears, anxieties or any unhappy states. Essences are brilliant to clear the shock of child birth (and most of us experience this). It is very supportive for healthy bonding, healthy weaning, and confidence for exploring the world. Nervous and fearful children benefit greatly. Learning and concentration can be enhanced with specific essences. Sibling rivalry can be put to rest and harmony restored. Teenagers can have remarkable transformations in their moods and attitudes. Children respond very well to essences.
The elderly can also experience overwhelming emotions associated with changes they need to make, an ageing body, illness, the loss of friends and looking at the end of their own lives. They may not be able to articulate their feelings but they sure notice greater feelings of peace and happiness when taking the essences.

“The argument that they (natural remedies) are untested (with clinical trials) and therefore can’t be taken seriously is not valid. So much of mainstream medicine itself is totally unproven – yet we do it anyway” Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert



Animals and plants

Animals have personalities as well as emotions in need of balancing from time to time. Think of a pining dog, a jealous cat, a fearful animal, a sick, injured or traumatised animal. Plants also do a lot better when being transplanted with a few drops of rescue remedy added to their water. Diseased or sick plants also respond.



Appointments are available at my studio in Ocean Shores. Telephone and Skype sessions are also available to those outside my area or country. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

flowering consciousness


“I was going through a horrible period where I had split up from my girlfriend, had recently moved to the city and had a distressing situation where my closest mate had begun lying to me, acting very strangely and broke off the friendship. It was a huge shock, very confusing and highly distressing. I began smoking a lot of pot to cope but just couldn’t stop all the thoughts from going around and around in my head. I felt a mixture of anger but also of fear for my friend and I just didn’t know how to communicate. It led to a great deal of anxiety and it affected my sleeping. I would lay down at night and as soon as my head hit the pillow my thoughts would race and it would take hours to get to sleep. This had been going on for four months so when a friend suggested I see Tiana and try some essences I was up for anything. I found myself telling Tiana things that I just couldn’t talk about with friends or family and really enjoyed the session. I took her drops twice before bed and to my amazement I fell asleep instantly and deeply and awoke refreshed for the 1st time in months! I continued on the remedy and all my confusing fears and anger started to ease up. I stopped using pot to cope and started to accept the situation. I stopped imploding and began to regain my trust again which was huge.
Thank you Tiana your session and the essences were amazingly helpful”.
Will C, 20 yrs Sydney

“I started having regular massages with Tiana as part of my health regime which included yoga and healthy eating. I started to feel fantastic – on top of the world except for a constant soar throat. I work pretty hard – I’m my own boss and I’m conscientious, some would call me a perfectionist but I just like to do a good job. My soar throat went on and on and fearing that I had throat cancer I took myself off to the doctor. It wasn’t throat cancer to my relief he told me it was due to stress! Upon telling Tiana she asked if Id like to try her essence mix for stress and I thought sure. She also added something for anxiety which has plagued me all of my life. For the first few days I felt strange – I could feel the anxiety physically but then it eased right off and within six weeks of taking the remedy my soar throat disappeared. I then mentioned that I still had grief over my mothers death 6 years previously, so at Tianas suggestion I had some counseling sessions and Tiana made me up some essences to clear the greif and the guilt. After about 4 months on the remedy I started to gain so much more clarity about my life. The grief eased up and I could think about my mother without pain in my heart. I came to release the guilt I had and accept the choices I’d made for myself as my path in life. I can feel my mother smiling at me now and I know she wants me to be happy so it’s a relief to resolve these inner tensions and feel much more at peace. Thank you for taking care of me on all levels Tirana”.
Scott P, Tradie, Byron Bay

"I got a bottle of anti-addiction essences from Tiana as I was ready to stop smoking cigarettes. I didn’t anticipate how quickly they would work for me. I started them on the Monday and on the Tuesday I had this strange heat experience in my body and on the Wednesday at morning tea I just stopped – effortlessly. Afterwards I did have quite a lot of emotions come up and Tiana gave me new essences to address them and I balanced out and settled down again. I haven’t smoked in 6 years now!”
Lizzie K, Mullumbimby

“When I first went to Tiana for counseling, it was with a great degree of reluctance on my part. It was more the urging of my wife to do so rather than any initiative of my own. I had a multitude of issues relating to my health and other problems in my life at the time that I was either unwilling and/or unable to face up to.
For a start, I was overweight and suffered from back pain. I was stressed over financial problems and finding it difficult to cope with carrying out my everyday activities relating to work and family life. I was generally frustrated and losing enthusiasm for all the things that had, until then, made me happy. What was probably the major issue at the time was my long term heavy addiction to cannabis. This addiction had led me to develop Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, a debilitating condition causing extreme and prolonged periods of nausea and vomiting which would land me in hospital  countless times over a period of 20 years.
Looking back over the many sessions we had, I know I was a difficult client. I tended to talk in circles, evading issues and being dismissive of suggestions that I even needed help. Tiana was very patient with me and totally non-judgmental. She was also very skilled and methodical in how she could slowly and gradually peel away the layers of resistance and get to the real me that was hidden under all the smoke and haze that I’d smothered myself in for all those years.
A major factor in the way Tiana helped was with the flower essences, which I was given after each session. It was truly remarkable how these essences were tailored to my needs and how they helped me to resolve my problems.
Gradually I started to notice the subtle changes for the better that these remedies and the counseling seemed to bring. I was able to approach work with a far more organised and mature approach. Likewise, my relationships with my wife and family, finding that so many of my fears and hang-ups were unfounded and not so difficult after all.
I started regular exercising and dieting, lost weight and actually enjoyed doing so. Most importantly and incredibly, I gave up smoking cannabis with hardly any withdrawal symptoms ( I’d tried before and it was horrible) and I haven’t had an episode of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis since.
I can highly recommend Tiana as a skilled and compassionate practitioner who patiently and gently turned my life around for the better”.
Cassey, Mullumbimby

"I met Tiana in 2004 and in the course of one of our conversations she mentioned her work with kinesiology and flower remedies.
I had a long standing and extremely difficult relationship with my father. My parents are divorced and when I was little my father even bought into question whether I was his child or not. As a child he would loose his temper at me without provocation and was physically abusive to me a number of times. Once when I was only four years old playing in a tub of water he held a knife to my throat!. Upon their divorce I stayed close to my beautiful mother but always hated seeing my father even though I longed to have a descent relationship and be loved by him. During the session with Tiana I got to discuss the details of the situation, my pain and woundedness and how it had affected my life.
I had never experienced kinesiology before but I was amazed that my body would give
‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers and that she could tap deeply into the patterns of disturbance and find the remedies that balanced them. She explained the essences that my body had chosen and the changes I might expect to feel but I never imagined the profound affect they would have. I took the drops religiously and then an extraordinary thing happened. I rang my father and had a normal conversation with him for a good hour! It was the beginning of something. We began to communicate more regularly and to develop a real relationship. When his mother died he gifted me her house so that I had a permanent and affordable, stable home.
So I don’t know how that remedy worked but it did. I now have a real relationship with my father who is supportive and there is good communication between us. I have gotten on with my own life and am successful in my own right which he is proud of as well.
Thank you Tiana the essences made a profound affect and healed a deep wound in my life."

M. Malhotra, India

"My neck has been on and off for twenty years. X-ray shows disc degeneration. I fell two months ago and injured my shoulder and neck. I was having other treatment with no real improvement so I decided to try Scenery therapy and Tiana’s spinal massage. We also did an essence session to find and shift the energetic memory pattern sitting in the tissue which I found to be subtly profound. I am so happy with the results as both the pain and stiffness have rapidly disappeared and the inflammation in my shoulder gone making a huge difference in my active life."
Nick Hirsch, Byron Bay

I met Tiana during a holiday in Byron Bay a few years ago and had some beautiful massages with her. We kept in touch and I told her when I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease (actually it was Tiana who directed me to go and see an ACNEM doctor on my return to Sydney, which I did and received the diagnoses from her).
I had many severe symptoms including extreme fatigue, nausea, digestion issues, fever, chills, debilitating aches and pains all over my body, insomnia, brain fog, problems with memory, depression and a lot of emotional distress. I was not able to work or function properly.
I began treatment but was struggling with the protocols and was herxing very badly even with tiny amounts of medication.
During the illness I also experienced many unresolved emotions that caused great distress in the form of sadness, guilt, grief, unworthiness, anger frustration, hopelessness, a terrible sense of lowness, unforgiveness, fear and anxiety. I was overwhelmed by emotions and struggling through each day. Tiana offered to provide counseling and treatment using a variety of plant essences to help me work through the emotional turmoil and the debilitating herxing. It made a huge difference to my wellbeing and overall progress!
The treatment involved regular (monthly) counseling sessions over the phone which I continued for over a year and now still (from time to time). She asked me questions about my state of mind and what was troubling me at that point in time. For most of the session she just listened to me talk and when she did speak it was to clarify my feelings about an earlier point I had made. I really felt like she took the time to ensure she was clear about how I was feeling. Then she would suggest a few essences to address my emotional states. I had never had this form of counseling before – so at first I didn’t understand how the essences could help me. But I trusted her and agreed to try them. There was so much going on for me emotionally that we would agree to prioritise some key issues at the end of each session.
Tiana showed so much wisdom in how best to tackle the myriad of issues that were troubling me (as is common in Lyme disease) and also followed up on issues from previous sessions to ascertain which issues were clearing and which needed further treatment. She then sent the remedy to me along with a description of the essences including their imbalanced and balanced state i.e. the issue we wanted to clear and the healthier emotional states we were trying to bring about. For example, removing black depression in order to experience joy and optimism. Although I didn’t need to fully understand the treatment to benefit from the essences, it was useful to document what was being treated so that I could see my progress as well as feel it. It was also very encouraging to observe that previous emotions and issues were being resolved!
Some issues took more than one treatment to clear or needed to be revisited from another perspective at a later point. But I could definitely see that I was making progress and I also felt so much better!
There are often many layers in our past that need to be dealt with, so it does take time and patience to work through them.
Some of the big Issues that were resolved for me were guilt, sadness, grief, anger and hopelessness. I was also able to move from being stuck in the past to thinking creatively and positively about the future. It was particularly joyful to rediscover my passion for music and be able to investigate new career possibilities which at the beginning of treatment I could not imagine contemplating.
Another problem that Tiana really helped me with was herxing. Often when I herxed physically I would have equally severe emotional responses ranging from severe depression to intense anxiety and terror. Tiana created ‘Angels Wings’, a special blend to help me through these difficult periods. I found that Angels Wings would relieve my suffering and I would see an improvement anywhere from an hour to a day. I couldn’t have gotten through those dark months without Angels Wings.
I am still on the path to full recovery but have improved enough to be able to pursue some part-time study, my musical interests and socialise more. Emotionally, I am in a much healthier place and feel like I am able to look to the future again. There is always more work to be done in our emotional worlds, however I am no longer in a place of overwhelm and feel more settled and grounded and able to approach life from a much more positive perspective.
I highly recommend Tianas’ counseling and essence protocol since the emotional side of illness is a key aspect that needs to be supported and addressed in order to get back to good health.You couldn’t be in better hands as Tiana is incredibly experienced, competent, supportive and compassionate”.
Liz, Melbourne, Australia. Love and Blessings

“I was on anti-depressants for two years before finding out that I had late stage Lyme disease (of 10 years). Besides all the debilitating and overwhelming physical issues that had plagued me for years and the awful fatigue I was incredibly emotionally wobbly and not coping well. I had been to a few counsellors but didn’t find it very helpful until I found Tiana and started having regular monthly sessions and started taking her wonderful essences. I felt safe and trusting in Tianas’ sessions and continued monthly for approximately two years. I loved receiving the new remedy at the end of each session that matched the issues I had talked about. Sometimes a remedy was repeated until the distressing emotion just wasn’t current anymore and then I would notice the next underlying issues coming to my attention. I embraced this way of healing my emotions and cleared patterns relating right back to early infancy. I had a lot of anger and rage to clear, deep family related pain, many fears and a lot of anxiety. I worked through a lot of self-loathing, mother issues and the lack of family support. Mentally the essences helped me deal with the stress, eased my racing mind, get through the overwhelm and helped me to face my fears (of the disease). I became much more even keeled and eventually got to a very happy place whist still dealing with Lymes.
I highly recommend this combination of counselling and essences – I found it to be incredibly supportive whilst going through a very rough time. Oh and I got off the anti-depressants as well”
C. Williams, Mullumbimby, Australia