Facial Harmony

facial harmonySo much more than a natural  facelift!

A  Facial Harmony is based on the philosophy that your face is a connecting link between your body, power of your mind, emotions and spirit.
How we think and feel is instantly and often habitually reflected in our faces.

This gentle and unique work unravels layers of tension as you drift into a deep state of meditative bliss. It tones and rejuvenates the muscles of the face, head and neck, giving a natural lift and a deep sense of serenity and relaxation. All  the yang meridians (pathways of chi) either end or begin on the face so it gently balances the energy throughout your whole body. The face is a potent storage place for emotion and a facial harmony invites the release of cellular memory from the tissue. These are usually gentle releases and non-invasive.

Another aspect to Facial Harmony is its foundations in the kinesiology workshop called ‘ under the code’ which looks at facial features and their correlation with character structure. At its roots facial harmony seeks to establish a deep sense of self acceptance of one's inherent character traits.

Facial Harmony works to heal the psyche and the splits and traumas that can occur in life. It is a deep rest down for the nervous system. At it's core it connects the receiver to his or her soul - your rich reservoir of eternal nourishment, strength, peace and true beauty. That's why its called a facelift for the soul.

So let me take you on a journey -
                     Connect in deeply, Rejuvenate and Smile and Shine

A course consists of 7 - 10 sessions - or of course you can use it for life.
It is also excellent after dentistry. The top dental clinics in Switzerland all recommend Facial Harmony after their dental work.