How does the biocleanse differ from other cheaper systems?

The Asian manufactures of the cheap ‘ionic foot spas’ use commercial grade stainless steel or aluminum and thus contain heavy metal contaminants which could cause ill health and in the case of cadmium has been linked to cancer. The heavy metals in these arrays could leach from the array during treatment and be absorbed by your body.
The Biocleanse detox system utilizes arrays made with surgical grade stainless steel which is not harmful to you.
The biocleanse system is unique to other systems in many ways.
It utilizes a tri-vortex component which has the ability to lower the viscosity of water i.e. it makes the water ‘wetter' and easier to program. This has been proven by testing the hardness using the Dynes scale. Tests show a drop in structural tension from 132 dines to 58 dines. It is our opinion that “wetter water’ creates a superior medium for the energy transfer essential in ionic detoxing
The Biocleanse system also differs from other cheaper devices because it is driven by a 24 voltage system rather than12 volts – the feedback being that it imparts greater benefits.