Restorative Massage

sweedish massageIn today’s hectic world we live under a paradigm of stress and pressure, pushing ourselves to meet daily demands. This takes a toll on our health and many people live in a constant state of over arousal.
The Autonomic nervous system has two branches, the sympathetic and parasympathetic.
They work together to constantly respond to our environment and keep us balanced. The sympathetic nervous system is referred to as the “flight or fight” system. It mobilises us to activity  –  blood is shunted to the skeletal muscles and the heart, the lungs dilate to increase oxygen uptake and the liver releases sugar into the blood. It’s an old survival mechanism just in case we need to run from that saber toothed tiger.. The parasympathetic nervous system is most active in non-stressful situations  and responsible for lowered blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate (ie resting) and for digestion.
If regular periods of rest and restoration of the body and mind are not given – restorative massageor if a pattern of hypervigilance started at a young age, then the nervous system tends to become “wired” to activity. We may find it difficult to be in touch with our body’s true energy and instead live on our adrenal reserves (fight/flight and fright response), coffee or other stimulants. This can makes us become disconnected from our bodies, stressed, fatigued and over time burnt out and unhappy.

Why do we push ourselves?

Some of us equate pushing ourselves beyond our limits with being alive or having a purpose. It means we are strong, tough and able to handle the challenges of daily life. We are deluded into thinking we are superman or woman.
Others of us have been taught by example, from our parents, peers, or the general paradigm that we live in, that doing things is greater than simply being.

Perhaps others push themselves as a way of never stopping to face the quietness and simplicity of being. After all, if they don’t have a goal or something constructive to do, what is the purpose of living?.
Pushing ourselves is important in life. Sometimes we must overcome inertia which dulls our interest and dampens our zest for life. Yet there is a difference between a healthy push and a chronic overdoing, which depletes our energy reserves.
There is a point at which we can make a conscious decision whether we will push on ahead and use our energy reserves or rest and regenerate before we are spent. Each of us has to learn where that point is and to know that if we need to spend a period of time under extreme stress or pressure, we will support ourselves through it. We also need support afterwards with such measures as nutrients ( supplements for stress), appropriate exercise, practices such as restorative yoga (relaxation poses), time out with restorative massage and also essence therapy to balance the body-mind connection.

restorative massageRestorative Massage (like restorative yoga) is designed to retrain the constant “0n” switch of the sympathetic nervous system. To take a break, rest the body-mind, turn down the stress response (and the stress hormones that flood the body) and restore balance, health and feelings of safety and nurturance.
Restorative massage uses gentle rhythmic strokes, soothing nurturing touch and specialised kinesiology massage points to allow you to unwind, de-stress and at the same time to strengthen, nourish and revive your energy and health. It is not a “fluffy” massage, it is just deep enough to reduce tension and gentle enough to allow the nervous system to relax. It is finished with light tracing of the nervous system through the skin.
Excellent for: Stress, adrenal fatigue, burn out, insomnia, grief – loss and other emotional states, post traumatic stress, getting through stressful periods – ie exams, unable to unwind easily, chronic health conditions and relearning to feel safe, supported, nurtured and at peace with your world.