"For two years I struggled in a very destructive relationship. I felt trapped and could see no way out as both my self-esteem and heart were broken. Tiana worked  gently with me supporting my needs with warm Council and a blend of her amazing essences. With time I begin to find new hope, a sense of self-worth and an internal love that I had never experienced before. The effects of the essences gently allowed me to let go of some restricting old patterns and move forward in life with an open heart. Although at the time the effects of the essences felt only subtle, I look back now and see how life changing they were from me."
38 yr old male





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"I got a bottle of anti-addiction essence from Tiana as I was ready to stop smoking and felt the essences might help. I didn't anticipate how quickly they would work for me! I took them on the Monday evening and the following day I had a strange reaction by feeling a lot of heat in my body. I continued the drops through the day and as i recall, was quite irritable and tense, ending the day crying- which seemed to cool me down before I fell asleep. The following day at mid morning coffee when I'd usually have a cigarette, i realized I didn't really want one and that was when I stopped. I continued to take the drops but as i seemed to be experiencing a lot of emotion I contacted Tiana and she made me an attunement remedy to help with what i was going through. I really valued Tiana's support and sensitivity and would recommend her to anyone who is responsive to vibrational essences. If you are one of these people AND you are ready to stop an addiction these essences are definitely worth trying."

Lizzie K