"From the moment I entered the lovely space Tiana creates for her massage I knew I was in for something special. Her calming energy makes one feel instantly at ease and she makes it clear this is “ your time” and I enjoyed every minute of it! Tiana has that rare match of professional ability, intuition and lovely soft feminine energy, which makes for an exquisite experience. I found myself in that “ other space” of stillness that is difficult to achieve in a busy life and it lasted long after the massage finished."
Celeste H

"Having a massage with Tiana is one of the most therapeutic, relaxing,” feel good” experiences one can have. Her intuitive and professional knowledge allows her to know how and where to heal the body and she creates a beautifully relaxing atmosphere to unwind. My only complaint is that I can't have one every day."
Byron Bay

"Tiana’s treatments are magical. She is so intuitive and empathetic and her bodywork skills are backed up by years of training in so many disciplines that a massage by Tiana is not just a massage, a facial is not just a facial. Everything she does is multilayered and enriched by her professional knowledge of body and soul. Her massage is the best ever massage, her facial is the best ever facial, her body treatments are the best that I have experienced."
Liz F

"Being massaged by Tiana always brings me deeply into myself-particularly my heart. My whole body feels nurtured and intuitively treated by her wonderful hands and presence, making me feel very safe and supported so I can really relax and let go. Her flexibility around massage styles is great so she can tune in to and tailor each session around what is going on for me and she always manages to find those extra spots that need attention! I also love the deeply respectful presence of silence-unless I want to “unload”-she remains present, attentive and quiet. I have travelled into some amazing spaces on Tiana’s massage table and am always eager to come back for next experience."
Victoria P.
Byron Bay/Sydney



Facial Harmony

"Facial harmony with Tiana is a fantastic, blissful experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalized. I was able to feel the joy of life once again after a long year of grieving. I loved the deep meditative state Tiana put me in while gently working around my face, creating total body relaxation.
As she moved into bodywork-a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I could feel the energy awakened my whole spine as I opened up to receive all the love and healing flow through my entire body
Thank you for a wonderful session. Your work is truly amazing.
Catherine Gladman

"I received facial Harmony from Tiana on a number of occasions and have been amazed by the outcome. People remarked on how good I was looking and I felt that for the first time in ages my facial muscles were completely relaxed. This also helped relieve chronic headaches I had which were probably due to stress. This is a truly wonderful technique-fantastic!"
Majenta Appel-Pye

"I have had a facial harmony with Tiana for a few years. I remember at the beginning the right side of my face was stuck, partially paralyzed from the emotional trauma of my childhood. Tiana gave me many powerful sessions in which this heaviness gradually cleared, and I find with this work there as the old pattern is removed the healing is always progressive-never reverting back to the way it was.
Facial harmony is deeper than the face for me though. It seems to reach deep into my whole being, releasing so much stress and tension and bringing me back to a space of peace, health and joy. Even full body massage does not relax me so much! Sometimes I have had past-life experiences and angelic moments of healing in a facial harmony sessions with Tiana and I always feel blessed to have had one of the unique treatments.
Avaleen H.
Byron Bay/Brisbane


Scenar Therapy

"I’m 55 years old and more than occasionally have experienced random and sometimes crippling feet and ankle pain-always in different locations. Four months ago I had a fairly intensive Scenar treatment with Tiana with a great result! To date my ankles and feet feel like they should-no pain at all. I feel to say I was a bit of a skeptic but nothing else has changed in my habits-I enjoy a glass of red wine and sometimes don’t hydrate enough but I’m about to take better care and have some regular massage ‘tune ups’ and some more scenar on an inflammatory bowel condition I have."
L  Patterson
Byron Bay

"On two occasions last year I received scenar with Tiana, both of which were a godsend. One time I had a tooth abscess and had tried all the herbs etc and I was just on my way from the doctor with a script for antibiotics (which I didn't really want to take) when I bumped into Tiana. Within a few minutes of her treatment (while she was still working with me) the pain went. This pain was keeping me awake at night! It went.. gone... and hasn't returned since! Another time I went to see Tiana because of the muscle pain I was experiencing as a result of Barmah Forest virus (mosquito born). Again within one treatment I felt myself without pain, more energy (I had been really tired) and generally on the mend. My nervous system loves scenar! I highly recommend scenar treatments and often refer clients to experience this if they’re in any physical pain."


"I have been having treatments with Tiana for over 10 years. I am a massage therapist myself and am very discerning about who I go to. In Byron shire we have a wealth of choice but I have found Tiana to be the perfect balance of sensitivity, experience, strength and knowledge. I often get the combination of massage and Scenar which has given me  significant relief from a chronic back condition. She creates a very nurturing space, puts on deeply relaxing music and allows me to feel completely held and at ease. I highly recommend her treatments."


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