Since the 1930’s more than 75,000 synthetic chemicals have been introduced into our environment. Only 7% of those synthetic chemicals have been tested for safety in adults and only 3% have been tested for safety in children. It was only a few years ago that babies teething rings had a known carcinogen in them!household toxins

These days no one can avoid exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins. In 2000 the 1st study was done on randomly chosen people from around the world to test their toxin levels. They tested for only 27 toxins out of 75,000 and found significant amounts of all 27 toxins evaluated including heavy metals, pesticides and plastics.
In 2003 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published “Body Burden” The pollution in people. It was the 1st study to thoroughly analyze the amounts of synthetic chemicals in the human body. They found a disturbing average of 91 different chemical agents in the people they tested.

Both human and industrial wastes are dumped into the water ways and air worldwide day in and day out for many decades now. Most are not biodegradable. These toxic chemicals enter our bodies from the air we breathe, water we drink and shower in, food we ingest and also the makeup and products we apply to our skin. Toxic chemicals outgas from our modern day homes, cars, work environments and lifestyles i.e. (dry-cleaning, cigarette smoke etc) These chemicals include toxic Heavy Metals (Mercury from dental amalgams and fish, Lead from old paint and car exhaust prior to it being banned, Arsenic, Cadmium etc), Pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, flame retardants (found in fish and house dust), PCB’s from plastics, Benzene from car exhaust, Dioxins, an array of cancer causing chemicals and toxins that affect neurological, reproductive and respiratory health.

Most of these toxins remain undetectable to our senses and we ingest and absorb them in small amounts every day without our knowing. These chemicals accumulate in our organs, tissues and body fat and can even be passed on to our children i.e. Mercury from a mothers amalgam dental fillings. Radiation is also passed on through the reproductive organs.

In 2003 they published the first national study on chemical fire retardants in breast milk. This study included mothers from all over America and revealed unexpectedly high levels of brominated fire retardants in every participant tested. These potential neurotoxic chemicals were 75 times higher in American women than levels reported from recent European studies.

Our children are unwittingly exposed to toxins from the mother’s blood whilst in utero and from mother’s milk after birth. Tests of umbilical cord blood found nearly 300 toxic chemicals including flame retardants, pesticides and food packaging chemicals. According to the (American) EPA more than 600,000 children are born (in the USA) every year with levels of methyl mercury that puts them at risk of brain damage, learning disabilities and cancer. The mercury comes mostly from mercury dental fillings and fish consumption. Women uptake Mercury at twice the rate of men.

And it’s not just human beings that are affected. Scientists visiting the North and South Poles have found pesticides and industrial chemicals in these regions and alarming levels of toxins in polar bears, penguins and whales.

pesticidesIf you consume meat that is commercially raised it is heavily laden with antibiotics and growth hormones. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and oil farmed commercially are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that accumulate in small amounts in your body year after year that you consume them. Organic and biodynamic produce has far fewer contaminants and is richer in vitamin and mineral content (if grown in rich soils) than commercial produce which is often grown in depleted soils and lacks the nutritional and antioxidant content to supply your daily needs.

Even if we do our best to prevent toxins from being ingested the sad fact is we all have been and are unwittingly exposed to them. The human body was not designed to encounter or defend itself from these chemicals therefore we live in a time where regular detoxing needs to be a part of our lives.

So how do we know what toxins may be stored in our tissues or organs?

Hair tissue analysis is one way to show what heavy metals you may have accumulated. There are also urine tests and blood tests that you can get through seeing a Doctor who works with environmental or chelation therapy. Some Naturopaths and Doctors work with live and dried blood analysis which can show where acidity is stored in your body, the health of your cells, immune function and contaminants such as pathogens, yeasts, moulds etc in your blood.
There are many ways to cleanse and detoxify the body and the Biocleanse ionic system is a unique, safe, easy and powerful way to cleanse down to the cellular level.

“Cancer patients are never screened for the cause of their cancer. This is particularly true of testing for toxins”.  Dr Steve Nugent – How to survive on a toxic planet

In 1913 the American Cancer council was formed to curb the occurrence of cancer. In those days the rate was one in one hundred. One hundred years later the rate is one in three people. This is also the same rate in Australia.

A note on Cancer. “Just about everybody produces cancer cells everyday. But a strong, healthy immune system can mop up cancer cells faster than our bodies can produce them. When multiple cells turn cancerous you can be sure that the immune system has become too weak to protect your body properly. Cancer treatment must increase the oxygenation of cells. Cancer cells are anaerobic; they need sugar to thrive on. They hate oxygen. Cancer cells react to oxygen the way a vampire would react to broad daylight. And when healthy cells get more oxygen they produce more energy and your health becomes more vibrant.
“Toxins put a heavy stress on the immune system.” Bill Henderson from Cancer Defeated

“The use of Mercury, the most potent neurotoxin known to man, in dental amalgams is a 19th century technology that we are still using in the 21st century.”Alison Adams, Dentist