Vocal Training

The vocal training I teach consists of three to five lessons where you will learn an array of warm up exercises, correct breathing and vocal placement. You will learn how to use two C.D’s developed by Roxanne Kiely –  singing teacher to the stars ( Delta Goodram etc). This practice then becomes your vocal foundation for the rest of your life and supports you in any genre you wish to pursue – Pop, Rock, Opera, Indian classical, Jazz, The Blues, Country, Folk or singing for fun.
Using the C.D’s is a safe and user friendly way to do a complete vocal warm up. Do your practice anywhere and anytime – I do mine in the car on the way to rehearsal! Within a few short weeks you will notice the improvement in your voice and your ability to get the sound, tone and control you want (and need ).

This vocal practice:

• Strengthens both your chest and falsetto registers
• Extends your range – both higher and lower
• Provides an easy accompaniment for either a ½ hr or 1 hr warm up before rehearsals or performances
• Teaches perfect pitch
• Enables you to develop a beautiful tone and timbre to your voice
• Teaches you to easily sing through your mask
• Gives vocal confidence
• Is designed so that there is no vocal strain
• Inhibits the development of vocal nodes
• Gives strength and power to the voice
• Allows you to play and explore the many shades and subtle nuances in your voice- projecting loudly or singing softly
• Is a professional accompaniment which is also easy and fun to use
• Allows you to develop at your own pace
• Becomes your foundational practice that you can use for the rest of your life – sing into your 90’s  !


With regular practice you can develop a healthy voice that has the confidence, power and beauty that you wish to express – There is no greater joy!

Whether you already sing, are just starting out, wish to get into university or wish to heal damaged vocal chords – at any stage these vocal exercises are an incredibly supportive and enriching practice for your singing or speaking voice.

Do you have ? – Mental or emotional inhibitions that prevent you from speaking up or from enjoying your singing voice?
My work with counselling, kinesiology, and essences can help to clear blockages, fears, anxiety, traumas and judgments and help you to develop the courage and confidence to push past your blocks and enjoy singing and /or performing. I also make a wonderful remedy for performance anxiety and stage fright. Read more about this work under essences.