What is Biocleanse Ionic Detoxing?

biocleanse Ionic detox box

The Biocleanse ionic detoxification system is a revolutionary technology from the U.S.A developed by scientists and researchers as a therapeutic device to aid detoxification, increase vitality and enhance wellbeing.

It is a simple yet powerful system that may in the course of a full treatment regime, enable the body to rebalance and re-energize, allowing toxic wastes that have been stored in the body to be released more effectively. This allows nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed more readily thus promoting a better sense of wellbeing and improved health.
Your body cannot cleanse unless there is sufficient energy. Due to age or exposure, toxins can build up on the cell membranes inhibiting nutrient uptake and weakening their ability to process the toxins.

A Biocleanse footspa is a safe and effective way of providing energy to the physical body for this purpose.

By increasing the body’s electrical field the unit aids in the restoration of proper cell function giving your cells energy to receive nutrients and discharge waste (a 24 hr a day process for the 100 trillion cells that make up your body). This increases the body’s ability to process the toxins via the skin during treatment and via the kidneys and bowels afterwards.

Whenever energy is gained from a treatment your body is assisted to repair itself and as the body de-stresses it becomes capable of receiving more energy.
This is why many people report feeling more energized after a biocleanse session.
The internal cleansing also results in faster disease healing and injury recovery.
It is a wonderful and natural healing tool designed to emulate nature but hundreds of times stronger.
Having an ionic footspa is a painless, pleasant experience with no harmful side effects.
You may use it on its own to combat 21st century toxicity, oxidative stress, pathogens, acidity, ageing, fatigue and anaerobic conditions in your body, or use it in conjunction with other methods of healing and rejuvenation.